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Pediatric Prosthetics

Here at Strive we provide prosthetic limbs for all age groups, but we understand that growing infants and children require a different approach to congenital or accidental limb loss. Rapid growth and developing communication skills mean that pediatric patient's needs vary greatly. Children grow at different rates, have different activity levels, capabilities and interests. One patient might just be learning to crawl or walk, another might be getting into sports – all of this is taken into account when designing a prosthesis for your child.

With children growing so rapidly, we recommend starting to fit children at the age they begin to sit, before crawling. With advancements in technology and societies perceptions, children are no longer viewed as disabled, but are highly adaptable and often overcome their limitations better then adults.

It takes an entire team to provide the necessary care for pediatric prosthetics, including the parents as caregivers, physicians, therapists, school nurses and the pediatric prosthetist. We’ll work with your care team to optimize a unified approach and help your child realize their full potential.

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